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GRP Water Tank Repair & Maintenance

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GRP water tank coating

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GRP Tank Services

Oryx Fiberglass has done GRP lining of RCC tanks in many prestigious projects & for many luxurious hotels. All our clients are more than satisfied with us. Also, we are approved with many consultants. GRP lining is also done for MS surfaces when they are exposed to water in various industrial production units and water treatment plants. We have done such projects too with great appreciation from our clients.

Fiberglass Vertical Cylindrical Tanks

Vertical Tanks are one of our much acclaimed products. Generally used to store water as well as moderately concentrated chemicals. The picture above is of the brine tanks we produced for Abu Dhabi Waterpark Project in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The standard diameter for the bigger tanks(5000USG and above) is 3M and the height will vary according to the required capacity. Tanks can be made upon customized dimensions also.

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & repair of GRP Panel type water tank is the another area which we received great accomplishments. Generally most of the panel tanks experiences leakage & other problems in five years. If a proper repair is done, then the tank will be problem free for another 5 years. Repair is the most convenient option as it’s not easy to replace the existing tank when there are occupants in a property. The picture above is during the repair of a large panel type tank in Jebel Ali Free zone

Lining and Lamination

GRP Lining is the most recommended to any surface in contact with water. It prevents corrosion, bacterial & fungal growth etc. Almost all the buildings in UAE have their RCC water tanks GRP lined as safe water is mandatory for the people & government here. It’s also important to do periodic checking of the surface, and if found damaged, it’s important to rectify or re-do.

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